Adidas Originals Crazy BYW

With an exaggerated shape with a large Boost midsole material, the adidas Originals new sneakers Crazy BYW have been brought to the attention of supernatural after exposure! After the first round of sales, two new colors will be available in the near future! The color of the black and gray color that first appeared on May 24th was selected with a steady gradient of white, gray and black. The style has changed the previous modern dynamics, and it has become more calm and introverted. The midsole is still equipped with Boost cushioning material of the full shape of Tianzuo, and the front and rear color separations are designed so that the visual effects are more abundant and the comfort feeling is also guaranteed. Following this, on June 1st, a more traditional black-and-white color scheme will be brought in. Although the upper is covered with a cool black cover, with the texture of the shoe body constructed with multiple densities, the effect on the upper foot is not monotonous, and the front palm is dotted with raw rubber. Outwardly, the visual experience is more pure. Both models are priced at $170. I wonder which pair you prefer. Adidas Originals Crazy BYW Article number: CQ0993 Release date: May 2018 Offer price: $170 USD